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Advisor Handbook

Quick Referral Guide

This guide is intended to help faculty know exactly where to refer students who are struggling in various areas.

Area of Concern

Refer to...

Financial aid and


Office of Student Financial Aid

105 Gilchrist Hall 319-273-2700

Emotional: home sickness, family issues.

UNI Counseling Center

103 Student Health Center 319-273-2676

Academic difficulty

Academic Learning Center 007 ITTC 319-273-6023

Office of Academic Advising 102 Gilchrist 319-273-3406

Housing/ roommate concerns

Department of Residence

010 Redeker Center 319-273-2333

Learning disabilities

Disability Services

103 Student Health Center 319-273-2677

Career information and job opportunities

Career Services or MyUNIverse Job Board

102 Gilchrist Hall 319-273-6857