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Advisor Handbook

New and Returning Academic Advisor In-service


Time:  Friday, October 17 from 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Location:  ITTC 134 (Studio IT Lab)
Please RSVP to by Wednesday, October 15, by 5:00 pm.

This in-service will focus on the following six student scenarios:

  1. A student needs help with planning for her/his next semester schedule
  2. A student has one or two major courses identified but needs assistance completing his/her schedule with Liberal Arts Core Courses
  3. A student you have been working with to plan his/her schedule, now needs your help to register for classes
  4. A student comes to visit with you about academic difficulties that he/she is having in one (or more) of his/her classes
  5. A student asks you a question that is outside of your area of expertise
  6. A student wants to know more about career options related (or unrelated) to her/his major