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Advisor Handbook

Course Registration

Below are common questions about course registration that faculty advisors may have:

How do students register for classes using the SIS?

How do students get into classes that are closed?

  1. Is there another section of the class open?
  2. Get on a waiting list if offered.
  3. Check back regularly to see if that class or another section has opened up.
  4. Ask the instructor or department for permission to join the class.

What is the ALEKS Math Placement Exam?

Other Common Course Registration Questions:

  1. How do I read a student's Academic Advisement Report?
  2. Where can students find a schedule of classes?
  3. What is a registration hold?
  4. What is the purpose of the Liberal Arts Core?
  5. How does a student check their Academic Advisement Report?
  6. What is a Record Analyst? A list of Record Analysts can also be found here.
  7. How to find an advisee's GPA?
  8. What classes are offered to students for the Capstone requirement?
  9. How does a student satisfy their Foreign Language requirement for graduation?
  10. How can students find out more information about studying abroad?

For additional questions, please visit the Registrar's website.

2015-2016 New Student Handbook