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Advisor Handbook

Advising Express 2012-13

Vol. 2, Issue 6 (Feb. 2013) - Taking a Look at UNI's First-Year Students; Working with Ethnically Diverse Students; Helpful Study Strategies for Students.

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (Dec. 2012) - FAQs about Transfer Students; Working with Transfer Students.

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (Nov. 2012) SPECIAL REGISTRATION EDITION - Registration Resources; 2012 Facts about UNI students.

Vol. 2, Issue 3 (Oct. 2012) - Noel-Levitz Examines Student Retention; Why Refer a Student to the Academic Learning Center; Interactions with Students for Academic Success.

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (Sept. 2012) - MAP-Works: Making Achievement Possible; Inform students about the UNI Career Cruising system; Information on the UNI PAIR program.

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (Aug. 2012) - Students give feedback on advising through NSSE; Student Resources, The Beloit College "Mindset List" for the Class of 2016.